Mikel I

A lesson from a full life

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Having seen all sizes and shapes

All manner of personalities

Given my loyalty to mice and apes

Resigned my soul to freaks and oddities

Travelled the 12 circles of hell

And made friends in every one

They sure had a story to tell

Heaven wouldn’t have been as fun

At the end of the road

Turned out disappointing

The journey was fun

But the finish had no meaning

The ending credits rolled

Sat there looking at the cast

Wish somebody had foretold

What was wrong in my past

Didn’t recognize a single one

From the hero to the performers

Maybe a life well done

Is a life with loved ones in your corner

So take my advice

Don’t be a victim

It’s ok, a little vice

But balanced with wisdom



I needed to cross 6000 miles to find myself

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Having crossed oceans

Escaping my old notions

I was clearly angry at someone

Maybe I just needed to run

And when I finally stopped

I didn’t let my baggage drop

Held on to it till it became a part of me

I wore it as a badge of honor proudly

They were my scars and my remorse

I fought hard and I stayed the course

This is why I am proud

I gave it my all and still unbowed

Screaming aloud


Hard skin, fresh eyes

Smile on my face, no more lies

The person that angered me, I recognize

I really hope I can forgive him

I looked in the mirror

But the situation looks grim…



What are you going to say at the end of your days?

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What a life we lead

Desires to hide

All the while we feed

The addiction inside

Created an image

That is good and right

A façade, a gimmick

To keep me out of sight

We think ourselves monsters

We think if they knew us

They’d call us imposters

Fools, lunatics or just cuss

But what’s good in being normal

To be part of the herd

You’re not a sheep but a wolf

And what’s hidden inside deserves to be heard

So without going into clichés

Your true self, don’t dismiss

At the end of your days

Are you gonna say “I WISH”



It’s a Wonder What Fate Had in Store

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Moved somewhere new

Something seems familiar though

New city

I walk down the street

listening to a couple’s conversation

Reminds me of when I loved

New places

There’s a line at the liquor store

Reminds me how I drank

to forget that love

New friends

Reminds me of the people

who drank with me

when I was down

and who drank for me

when I was up

New Apartment

I miss waking up

to the smell of mom’s cooking

New car

It smells horrible

Reminds me of my brother

New job

I gave up my old life

for a dream

that turned out a cubicle

Between the familiar and the unfamiliar

I have become a man

and between the new and the old

I lived a life worthy of being told



Mikel I

Mikel I

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