Marketing Advice: Avoid My Mistakes

What I wish somebody had told me before I started my first business

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So the first thing new business owners do is start with Facebook and/or Instagram. The first thing you need to know is that you basically can’t reach new customers on Facebook without paying for ads. So most start posting like crazy at first and after a while they notice that there’s not much benefit from it and stop all together.

Advice 1: Don’t kill yourself posting on Facebook everyday and expecting it to pay off.


As for Instagram, there’s still a chance to reach people without ads through the use of hashtags. But for this you need a little research first and a couple of guidelines.

Advice 2: Aim 70% for hashtags you can reach while the rest aim for the unreachable. A lucky break can jumpstart your account.

New tools

Next you’ll be getting a ton of experts emailing you and telling you how their plugin will 10x your business. And while some of these new tools might help with conversions, most are just general solutions that don’t really help your situation.

  • Landing pages are mainly used by businesses that have one product or for the purpose of getting the customer’s email address. As a rule of thumb, the less steps between a customer and a product the better, but if you can offer something of value to the customer in exchange for that email, by all means go for it.
  • Email automation is the cheapest type of marketing out there. It is extremely cheap to send 1000s of emails with just the click of a button. My only advice before doing that, is having a complete sequence of emails to convert customers before applying it.

Also invest in a good copywriting book.

Having a good understanding how to write an email also applies to your story as a business. “ Your customer has a problem that your product can solve.”

Advice 3: “Let me think about it” will make the sales person be more pushy but “talk to me next week” disarms him and gives you time to do your research.

Search Engines

Now Google is the mother and father of digital marketing. There’s a couple of ways to get traffic from it. The paid way through PPC(pay per click)ads or the “free” way through SEO. I say “free” because it’s very expensive to rank first page on Google especially for common products. It will either cost you a lot of money or a lot of time.

  • The Cost per click (CPC) of the ad word to know how much you’re paying for each potential customer.
  • The Conversion rate (CR) which tells you how good your landing page or website really is. It is also an indication that the ad copy and website aren’t matching.
  • Citation creation/management
  • Backlink strategy
  • New content on your website

Advice 4: Ask about their backlink strategy

I won’t go too much into SEO in this article as there’s so many techniques but a quick trick you can do is buy a used domain name. The age of a domain is a factor in search engine rankings. is one of the places where you can do that.


I couldn’t end this article without writing about the webinar phenomenon. We all have seen that ad where you can see this free live presentation and he’ll teach how to get rich (they say different things but that’s the premise of every one of them). What ends up happening is that a keyword in one of those ads sparks your interest and you watch the webinar.

Advice 5: Never buy anything from a webinar. Google it and you probably will find the same thing a lot cheaper if not for free.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty more platforms and techniques out there. And we haven’t even scratched the surface of SEO and paid ads. And then there is Twitter and Linkedin. You have so much possibilities and so much information about them that it might get intimidating. Just take your time and make an informed decision.

One final advice: Find where your customer spends his time and target there whether it’s a flyer in a specific neighborhood, an image ad on Facebook or a blog post on Linkedin.

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